Transaction Coordination

I take care of a wide range of duties that occur after all parties have signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement. My Escrow experiences enables me to foresee possible delays and issues so we can address them early in the process.

Once I receive the signed-around Purchase & Sale Agreement:
Verify mutual acceptance date, contingency dates, due dates, etc.
Notify you if anything is missing (i.e. Form 17, Legal, initials, signatures)
Create a Transaction Information Sheet
Prepare the Transaction Worksheet and send a copy to your office
Complete the Commission Disbursement form for Escrow and your office
Open Escrow
Open/update title and have copies sent to all parties
Ensure that the Lender has received the Purchase and Sale Agreement
Create a Transaction Schedule

When additional paperwork is executed:
Email any additional addenda to Escrow, Lender and your office
Revise Transaction Worksheet & Commission Disbursement as needed

When set-up of your transaction is complete, I send you a written schedule with all the transaction timelines. I provide you with email updates for every contingency deadline.

Track all key dates including:
* Inspection Contingency
* Finance Contingency
* Home Sale Contingency
* Resale Certificate
* Title Contingency

Communicate with the Lender to ensure that the loan application is completed,
appraisal ordered and received at value without conditions, loan approved
and loan documents delivered to escrow on time
Verify the updated Title Report has been sent to all parties; review title for possible issues

I work closely with the Lender and Escrow to make sure things happen as scheduled.
Ensure that Escrow has all the paperwork needed for closing
Update you when loan docs arrive at Escrow and signings are scheduled
Make sure you have a chance to review the estimated HUD, as do I
Email you when Escrow has released for recording, and when the transaction has closed
Order sign down


If you agree, I send an introductory email to your clients letting them know that I am working behind the scenes to make sure you have up to date information. A week or so before closing, I send another email detailing what to expect in the signing/closing process. A day or so after closing, I send a congratulations email, and in January of the following year, I send a copy of their final HUD for tax preparation. Of course, I copy you on all these emails and send them on your behalf.


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